What does an UltraSonic Cleaner do?

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Ultrasonic CleanerFrom jewelry to carburetors, engine blocks to fish hooks, dental instruments to air filters, the Ultrasonic Cleaner will save you time and money through the reduction of man-hours, cleaning solutions and disposal of environmentally unfriendly liquids.

The typical method of cleaning most items involve time and effort of the person performing the tasks of cleaning the object.  With an Ultrasonic cleaner the cleaning is done by ultrasonic waves in a liquid medium.  The liquid could be as basic as water to a diluted solution of cleaner to a pure concentrate liquid depending on use.

If you want to browse our products then please head over to our Ultrasonic Cleaner online store. We stock multi-purpose ultrasonic cleaners. Contact us if you need a custom cleaner for your business… we really are the one-stop shop.

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Domestic and Business Use

We offer a range of cleaners for multiple markets that cover domestic and business projects. We have so many options for you, feel free to contact us for further information.

  • Our Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners are ideal for giving your jewelry a new lease of life.
  • Medical Professionals can save time and money and protect themselves from cross-contamination. Check out our Medical Ultrasonic Cleaning range.
  • There are a lot or parallels between the need to be efficient and the sterilization of equipment that our cleaners offer. If you are in the dental profession then I recommend that you check out our Dental Ultrasonic Cleaners.

Ultrasonic Solutions from RSonics.

RSonics Canada has the cleaners for all your cleaning needs!   Contact Us Today!  Discuss your cleaning requirements with an RSonics representative and start cleaning more effectively, efficiently, environmentally responsible TODAY!  Save Time and Money in your business!

We take pride in being able to present you with our product line. We hope that our range of products prove as useful to you as they have for us.

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