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I need of a dental ultrasonic cleaner? Our Ultrasonic Cleaners can save your dental practice time and money whilst offering the highest level of hygiene for your clients.

How does an Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner work?

Our Dental Ultrasonic Cleaners make the task of cleaning your dental apparatus easy and painless. Our devices use ultrasound to remove any unwanted fluids and particles that can collect on your dental equipment. This is a very safe method, once the device is turned on, ultrasonic vibrations remove the particles from your tools. The results are astonishing.


dental ultrasonic cleaner

How we can save your dental practice money?

Cleaning dental equipment is a labor intensive process which can still leave unwanted bacteria and germs after a through a job. Our ultrasonic cleaners dramatically reduce the risks of cross contamination and infection in regard to the cleaning of dental equipment. Our ultrasonic cleaners provide a deep and through clean whilst releasing staff of the monotonous labor intensive task of a manual cleaning thus increasing the efficiency of your dental practice.

The Cleaning Process

You can fill the tank with an ultrasonic cleaner solution and put your dental equipment inside. We recommend limiting the amount of items that you place in the take at any given time to ensure they do not scratch.

Once the items and the cleaning solution are in the tank, you are ready to go and turn on the device. Cleaning should be completed in anywhere from 1 to 20 minutes based on your preference. Once the cleaning period has elapsed, stop the machine and allow the particle to settle for a few minutes.
You can now remove your items and take a look your clean and sterile dental equipment.
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RS-06D - Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner

The RS-06D is available.


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