The Home Mechanic

What do you do with that K&N Air Filter that you have been getting cleaned at the local service shop for a rather high cost?  Well, in 2 to 3 minutes in a RS 22P (22L) or the larger RS 30D (30L), your high cost air filter is thoroughly cleaned, ready to dry and oil! 

At a fraction of the cost of having a service station or auto dealership service the filter!  Keeping your vehicle running cleaner, maintaining engine life and optimizing fuel consumption are critical at a time when environmental concerns are high.  Saving you time and money with a cleaner running vehicle!

Your other home mechanic projects will be a breeze when it comes to cleaning.  Eliminate that old varsol tank with the pump that constantly quits, the fumes and leaves you with the disposal of dirty varsol to the local recycling station.

RSonics Canada will provide you with a better solution for cleaning most everything you have, from tools to the lawnmower carb!

Ultrasonic Cleaners for automotive

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